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Quality, Performance, Ethics & Aesthetics... No Compromises. 

p r 0 9 r e 5 5 - Sustainable Everyday Luxury 


Initially imagined for the kundalini community, but applauded by a wider audience for its timeless, versatile elegance, p r 0 9 r e 5 5 is an ecologically, socially and ethically conscious clothing line founded in 2019. Sustainable and stylish, durable and easy to take care of, p r 0 9 r e 5 5’s garments speak to the needs of the woman on-the-go looking for a multi-dimensional brand. 


p r 0 9 r e 5 5’s innovative and sustainably sourced fabric, saolon is a tree derivative originating from Japan. After the pulp is harvested, the implementation of technological measures further enhances and accentuates the natural resilience of this multifunctional, highly durable material. The finished yarn is then transformed with p r 0 9 r e 5 5’s quintessential feature: pleats. 


These pleats are akin to ‘noble crêpe de chine’ and are worked into the fabric by a small atelier in Hungary that is also responsible for the pleated costumes of the Hungarian National Opera and National Theatre. 


The fabric’s signature folds and lightweight feel give it a somewhat fragile appearance, yet, thanks to the innovative technologies used throughout its developement, the textile itself is ultra-resistent and has the practical qualities of professional sportswear: dry-fit, quick-dry, cooling, anti-odor, anti-wrinkle, anti-stain, kind-to-skin and machine-washable.


Luxury and easy-care are no longer antonymous concepts. p r 0 9 r e 5 5 garments are here to serve you. No more dry-cleaning runs, or second thoughts about wearing a designer outfit that needs to be spared from wear and tear, wrinkles and the usual failings of a delicate garment.


From running daily errands to attending a kundalini yoga class or dressing for a glamourous cocktail or dinner, p r 0 9 r e 5 5 pieces are designed to stun for every occasion.


The pieces are refined and minimal. The complexity of their design and the painstakingly detailed attention to craftsmanship lends a magical couture air to every single item with the simplicity of the silhouettes allowing for multiple interpretations. Two identical pieces can be worn in radically different ways – with or without accessories, barefoot or with high-heels, enhanced with jewellery or just glowing skin – opening up a whole world of styling possibilities. 




Who is behind the brand?


With a high-fashion industry career spanning over two decades, Hungarian-born founder, stylist and consultant, Zita Mészáros has a unique understanding of the business and the design aspect of luxury, having worked alongside the industry’s biggest names in Paris, New York and Hong Kong. 


Her experience led her to identify what was missing from luxury clothing: the multifunctionality of fine design for everyday use alongside an ecologically, socially and ethically conscious drive that makes creation and sustainability synonymous. 


In 2016 Zita obtained her MBA with first class honours in Global Fashion Management at the prestigious Institut Français de la Mode.


Zita lives and works in Paris.

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