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KALI is pr09re55's iconic top that falls perfectly on the body. The fluidity and the natural stretch of the fabric accentuated by the pleats embrace all morphologies beautifully and allow an S/M and M/L sizing. As all pr09re55 garments, KALI is machine-washable at 30°, quick-dry, kind-to-skin, dry-fit, cooling, anti-wrinkle, anti-odour and anti-stain. Enjoy the luxury of beauty and performance with KALI

* KALI is a Hindu goddess, a divine protector and liberator and a destroyer of evil forces.


310,00 €Price
  • Sustainable and stylish, durable and easy to take care of, p r 0 9 r e 5 5 garments speak to the needs of the woman on-the-go looking for a multi-dimensional brand.

    The fabric’s signature folds and lightweight feel give it a somewhat fragile appearance, yet, thanks to the innovative technologies used throughout its developement, the textile itself is ultra-resistent and has the practical qualities of professional sportswear: dry-fit, quick-dry, cooling, anti-odor, anti-wrinkle, anti-stain, kind-to-skin and machine-washable.

    Luxury and easy-care are no longer antonymous concepts. p r 0 9 r e 5 5 garments are here to serve you. No more dry-cleaning runs, or second thoughts about wearing a designer outfit that needs to be spared from wear and tear, wrinkles and the usual failings of a delicate garment.

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